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Innovation for Growth and Profitability

August 12, 2011

In this ever-changing, technology driven, and highly-contested environment, companies need more than new products or new selling and marketing strategies.  There is a need for a revolutionary system to revitalize business performance.

Responding to these needs, Guthrie-Jensen has developed the Strategic Innovation Seminar.  With this program, you can produce the following results:

  • Develop and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Enable participants to constantly search for new business solutions.
  • Re-think of more efficient systems and structures.
  • Establish an environment that inspires and rewards consistent creation and implementation of market-driven ideas.

The program will also enable your and your people to

  • Use innovation to improve the organization’s competitive stance, growth and sustainability.
  • Build and strengthen the company’s core capabilities.
  • Benchmark and adapt the best practices of successful companies that have defined their competitive edge.
  • Shift mindsets from problem solvers to opportunity seekers.
  • Apply the tools and techniques that will develop innovative skills.
  • Facilitate the generation of out-of-the-box ideas and implement highly-prioritized innovation programs.
  • Formulate action points necessary for making innovation work throughout the organization.

Implement enhancements and pioneer solutions that will make competition irrelevant, ensure business growth and improve the organization’s bottom-line.

For more information about this seminar, call Guthrie-Jensen today at (+63-2) 816-1610.  You can also email trainingseminars@guthriejensen.com, or visit www.guthriejensen.com for information about this program as well as other training courses in the Philippines.

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