Public Seminar Programs

Guthrie-Jensen’s Public Seminars cater to companies that would like to register less than ten employees to one specific seminar, or several employees to different seminars. Programs conducted as public seminars are scheduled regularly, and are conducted in hotels in Metro Manila.

The Public Seminars provide participants the opportunity to learn from the expertise of seasoned trainers and the experience of fellow participants from other companies. These provide a good venue to interact and network with other participants from varied industries.

Public Seminars are ideal for companies that have a few participants who were not able to attend the in-house run of a program in their company. These seminars are also recommended for companies that have a small number of newly-promoted professionals who need skills for their new positions.

The following are Guthrie-Jensen’s Public Seminar Offerings.  Clicking on the links below will bring you to the programs’ respective write ups on

Business and Organizational Dvelopment

Operational Excellence

Leadership / Management

Talent Development


Customer Service


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