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Effective Project Management

August 11, 2011 Leave a comment

They are called by different names: Manager, Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Team Leader, Project Supervisor, Project Engineer, Project Head.  No matter what they are called, one thing is clear: companies need effective project planning, implementation, and management in order to meet business objectives.

We at Guthrie-Jensen Consultants invite you to discover the tools and skills to manage your projects with quality and more efficiency.  With our Effective Project Management program, you will

  • Make projects work by understanding project management and knowing how it can benefit your organization.
  • Apply the four essential steps in project management.
  • Prepare a project charter that points the way to success.
  • Create a project plan aimed at successful completion.
  • Develop project budgets with ease.
  • Organize a project team that will deliver results.
  • Lead project teams efficiently.
  • Ensure success of project teams.
  • Learn different ways of project closur

Finish projects on time and within budget.  Produce more results with your projects.  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Effective Project Management seminar today!

For more information about this seminar, call Guthrie-Jensen today at (+63-2) 816-1610.  You can also email, or visit for information about this program as well as other training courses in the Philippines.

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