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Treating Co-Workers as Customers

August 12, 2011

With all good intention, companies focus on training their front-line personnel to exceed customer expectations at every customer touch point. But let’s face it… internal relations mirror external relations.  Departmentalized mindsets, lack of cooperation and unaligned objectives all eventually reflect on the quality of service to our customers. That’s why internal service is the backbone of customer satisfaction. Only when employees serve each other can the customer be served.

Appreciate the difference between cooperative and confrontational communication. Immediately apply the skills to avoid uncalled for personality conflicts.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s Treating Co-Workers as Customers seminar, you and your people will

  • Understand the importance and value of teamwork in the delivery of customer satisfaction.
  • Communicate in order to gain cooperation.
  • Avoid unproductive mindsets that hinder cooperation.
  • Discover and understand the difference between cooperative and confrontational language.
  • Realize effects of the usage of cooperative and confrontational language.
  • Prevent miscommunication and misunderstanding by using the right words, voice and body language.
  • Resolve conflicts with other departments.
  • Deal with negative and unhelpful colleagues.

Equip all employees with an internal service mindset. Prevent strained relationships between departments from occurring. Equip your people with the skills to increase cooperation and reduce conflict significantly.

For more information about this seminar, call Guthrie-Jensen today at (+63-2) 816-1610. You can also email trainingseminars@guthriejensen.com, or visit www.guthriejensen.com for information about this program as well as other training courses in the Philippines.

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