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Managing for Results

August 13, 2011

In an increasingly competitive business environment, the times now require managers who go beyond supervising their people.  The real bottom line is results, and effective leaders produce them. They actively push for the attainment of company goals and plot the direction of their team and the organization.

Get the right tools to get the most from your leadership.  With Guthrie-Jensen’s Managing for Results program, you and your colleagues will be able to

  • Develop a balanced, adaptive and flexible management style.
  • Differentiate between supervising and managing.
  • Respond creatively to changing conditions in the workplace.
  • Deliver optimum results through effective planning, monitoring, and controlling.
  • Organize your people to maximize their knowledge, skills and creativity.
  • Take charge by making timely decisions.
  • Provide vision and unleash the energy of your people.
  • Sustain peak performance and handle performance problems.

Use the right leadership mindset and skills to deal with all your challenges.  Use leadership to make your organization grow.  Join the Managing for Results seminar!

For more information about this seminar, call Guthrie-Jensen today at (+63-2) 816-1610.  You can also email trainingseminars@guthriejensen.com, or visit www.guthriejensen.com for information about this program as well as other training courses in the Philippines.

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